talent advisory across
sports, media and entertainment

Who are we?

Peak 72 is a disruptive, tech driven talent strategy & advisory service in the sports, media and entertainment sector. Our focus is on three core values:

Candidate first

We ensure our candidates are treated as they should be, with respect and care. We commit to responding to every candidate that applies for a role, and we understand what they're looking for and their career goals.

The best people, regardless of industry

We bring a headhunting approach to the mass market, finding people with the right skill set, values and culture for our clients, every time. We work to find those candidates outside our industry, that will bring diversity and invaluable experience from other industries to help our clients excel.

Partnership over transaction

We work with our clients as partners, looking at their talent needs through a strategic framework, to truly understand what they're looking for and how it fits into the future success of the organisation.

Become a Candidate

Whether you’re just starting out, a seasoned professional in the sector or wanting to break into it, we want to hear from you.

Reason #1
We promise to speak to every candidate that signs up, to understand you as a person.
Reason #2
We get to the bottom of your long term goals and aspirations, to fully align any opportunities with where you see yourself in the future.
Reason #3
By working in partnership with our clients, we know any opportunity we put before you will be right for you, and the company.

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